Transforming Healthcare Experience Through Technology

Improve Healthcare Delivery with Real Time Data & Digital Automation

Sensez9 helps healthcare care providers manage user access and flow, optimize operations and service delivery, and deliver better patient and user experiences.

Our state-of-the-art solutions blend the power of cloud SaaS platforms, mobile applications, digital sensors, artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics. We help care providers automate workflows, interconnect processes, manage frontline employees and supporting staff, and improve patient and user satisfaction.

Streamline Health Services Operations & Improve Experience

Manage Workforce

  • Manage key third party staff scheduling and planned tasks

Monitor Assets

  • Monitor assets and equipment in real time for performance and maintenance

Manage Task

  • Digital inspection or audit forms Digitally track task data for better outcomes

Monitor Cold
Room Compliance

  • Monitor real time performance and compliance of fridges and freezers

Manage Requests

  • Orchestrate real time dynamic requests for location linked services

Integrated Dashboards

  • Bring data and alerts from modular systems into unified visual dashboards