Improve Healthcare Operations Excellence

Healthcare Operations Management

Healthcare delivery has become challenging and complex. In recent years costs have skyrocketed while patient experience has plummeted. Digital service automation is anticipated to be a major driver of change in the years ahead as healthcare providers look to technology for solutions. SmartCadre is a mobile and web platform solution that helps healthcare providers digitize and automate workflows, manage scheduled and dynamic tasks, and ensure the seamless delivery of high-quality care.

Location Based Services.    Workforce Management.
Scheduled Tasks.       Dynamic Tasks.

Intuitive mobile app and web interface for nurses, supervisors, and staff

Schedule staff
Allocate routine tasks
Trigger automated tasks

Manage central transport
Manage non-clinical teams

Monitor staff productivity
Improve Operations

Configure Provider

Users and Roles

Manage multiple sites, locations, supervisors, and staff role-based workflows and access.


Staff Presence

Schedule, manage and monitor staff attendance, location, task completion, and productivity.

task completion,

Manage Dynamic Tasks

Task Orchestration

AI led orchestration and optimization of dynamic requests and tasks, completion, turnaround time, and KPIs.

Customize Provider Workflows

Modular Features

Easily customize workflows, tasks, audits, feedback forms or use ready templates.

Manage Scheduled Tasks

Task Performance Metrics

Schedule, manage, and monitor shift-based tasks and teams, completion, standard work and SLAs, audits, and quality metrics.

Dashboards for Insights & Reports

Real Time Data & Trends

Rich analytics and reports are to monitor and manage the performances and the productivity.

and access.