Transforming Care Experience Through Technology

Our Technology in Action

Streamlining Care Delivery for Human Services

Southwestern Pennsylvania

PA 2-1-1 Southwest, an arm of the United Way, connects people to housing, community, health, and disaster services. 2-1-1 is using a Sense9 mobile application to power a self-service portal for basic needs requests, tax assistance, and the latest COVID-19 resources.

Optimizing Care Coordination in Hospitals

Bogota, Colombia

This 500-bed hospital is using Sensez9’s SmartCadre software and mobile application to orchestrate dynamic task requests and to coordinate care across multiple departments, wings, floors, and patient rooms.wings, floors, and patient rooms patient rooms.

Improving Patient Experience in Ambulatory Care CentersCare

Houston, Texas

This healthcare clinic is using Olistica from Sensez9 to manage the customer interface process, simplify its operations, and enhance patient experience. this facility ensure food safety and maintain regulatory compliance.

Monitoring Facilities & Equipment in Residential Care

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This senior living community uses Sensez9’s Insight software to digitally monitor the temperature of its many refrigerators and freezers. Insight helps this facility ensure food safety and maintain regulatory compliance.

Care needs are changing.

Users are digital.
Users have choices.
Users seek seamless service.

Care delivery is complex.

Care coordination must be responsive.
Care delivery requires various partners.
Care workflow orchestration drives productivity.