Improve Patient Engagement and Experience

Olistica: Digital Patient Experience Management

Patient experience, a term used to describe the collection of interactions that a patient has with a health care provider, is an essential component in the delivery of quality care. Positive patient experiences drive customer loyalty and increase engagement and word of mouth.

Olistica is a modular suite of web-based utilities designed to help small medical practices holistically improve patient experience. Using a smartphone, Olistica seamlessly manages the customer interface process and establishes a sequence of digital touch points with the patient during their visit.

Patient flow.       Patient engagement.
Patient discharge.   Patient feedback.

A Patient-Centric Suite of Tools


  • Online appointment scheduling


  • Automate patient check-in

Patient Intake

  • Digitize forms and medical histories

Patient Flow

  • Monitor wait times and manage check-out


  • Collect patient feedback


  • Electronically deliver post care instructions

Effortless Patient Engagement

Olistica provides an easy and intuitive interface for patients on any smartphone or tablet. No download is needed.

Intuitive web interface for doctors and staff

  • Boost patient engagement

  • Monitor performance metrics

  • Improve operations


Digitize Forms

Electronically capture and store patient records.


Record operating metrics

Use data to drive decision making.


Powerful Data Analysis Tools

Discover patterns and trends.


Collect Patient Feedback

Aggregate patient assessments to better understand patient experience.